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[Excerpt from the terms and conditions]


In the case of online purchases, the warranty voucher is sent to the customer by email at the same time as your order. This voucher as well as the proof of purchase must be kept carefully. Without them, any warranty claims will be null and void.

The guarantee is valid for two years from the conclusion of the contract, the postmark or the confirmation of delivery / receipt. It covers defects in quality and function for the product purchased by the customer.

If a warranty of more than two years is granted on a product, the warranty is extended by the same amount. If the manufacturer grants warranty claims that are more extensive than those provided for in the warranty, the customer shall be entitled to benefit from this to the extent provided for.

The warranty does not include normal wear and tear, the consequences of improper treatment, damage by the customer or a third party, defects due to external circumstances (normal reduction in battery performance, limescale, leaking batteries/batteries/accumulators, loss of data, software errors, computer viruses, product processing, frost, lightning, etc.). The warranty is only valid if repairs have been carried out exclusively by authorised services. can choose the way in which the guarantee is carried out between free repair, replacement by an equivalent product or reimbursement of the price paid. Further claims are excluded.